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Heavy Weight, or Hevi-Wate, Drill Pipe (HWDP) is a type of drill pipe with thicker walls, longer tool joints (TJ) and a centre wear pad (CWP). This provides higher tensile strength, to facilitate greater support of longer drill strings.

A wear pad or unique middle upset can be seen in HDWP, allowing the tube to stay away from the hole wall, resulting in decreased drag and differential sticking.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe usually functions as transition from heavy drill collars in the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) to the comparatively lightweight drill pipe. The wall of HDWP measures about one-inch-thick, beneficial in the inhibition of stress concentration at the upper portion of the drill collars. Higher RPM drilling with lessened torque and differential pressure sticking is possible with the use of heavy weight drill pipe.

Directional drilling is best applied with HWDP. Directional control is made easy with reduced connection fatigue issues generic to horizontal or high-angle drilling,.

HWDP is commonly utilised in the hole of extended reach and horizontal wells to pull on the bit, more particularly in wells where there is a low ratio between the measured depth ratio and the total vertical depth.

Different combinations of drill pipe with heavy weight, drill collars, and conventional drill string can be established to suit the well design and drilling conditions.

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As with Standard Drill Pipe, PST Energy Ltd stock and supply various sizes and connections of rental Heavy Weight Drill Pipe from a variety of specialist Original Equipment Manufacturers

Drilling professionals don't rely on luck when choosing the HWDP for their specific requirements and therefore selecting the right pipe for the job is just as important as any other part of the planning, well design and drill string management

Choosing wisely may save you time and money.

Here are some questions you should take into consideration when choosing your drill pipe.

What kind of well are you drilling?

HPHT well / ordinary oil / gas well / geothermal well / onshore / offshore / fixed platform / floating rig / etc

What well profile are you drilling?
Straightforward / Vertical well / Directed well / Horizontal / S-shaped wellbore
What are you drilling through?
Some formations have concentrations of sour H2S gases, which may cause sulphide stress cracking failures or corrosion 
What drilling method are you using and how deep are you drilling?
The deeper and the more complex or demanding a well is the greater the risks, which can often be reduced or mitigated with the correct drill pipe

Don’t forget ….. 
Are the operating temperatures extreme or the formations particularly abrasive?

What capacity do you have to store pipe on the rig?

Which ranges can be handled by the pipe handling/racking system on the rig and do you have all the necessary lift subs, elevators, single joint elevators, slips, tongs, etc.

Although not a varied as Drill Pipe, the possible variations in drill pipe are numerous: 

  • Specification (API, DS, NS, etc.)
  • Manufacturer (NOV Grant Prideco, VAM Drilling, Tenaris, DP Masters, etc),
  • Grade of Steel (AISI 4137, 4142, 4145h Mod, etc)  
  • Type Body Construction (Integrated / Welded)
  • Type of Connection (API NC, Premium Double Shoulder, High Torque, etc.),
  • Additional Specifications (Hardbanding, Internal Plastic Coating, etc.)