PST Energy Ltd

PST Energy Ltd can provide, on a direct sale basis

Heavy Duty Plastic and Composite OCTG and Drill Pipe Thread Protectors

Tubing and Associated Tubular Products, such as cross over subs, pup joints, lift nubbins, etc.

Drill Pipe and Associated Drill Pipe Products, such as cross over subs, pup joints, lift subs, etc.

Bottom Hole Assembly Tubular Products, such as drill collars, stabilisers, float subs, Bit Subs, etc. in Carbon Alloy Steel and Non Magnetic Materials

Pressure Control Equipment, such as blow out preventers, valves, koomey units, etc.

Handling Tools, such as elevators, slips, safety clamps, stab in guides, tongs, drifts, etc.

Plus various other tools and equipment related to the International Energy Industry


PST Energy Ltd are the new name in 

Energy Industry Rental, Sales and Service Provision

PST Energy Ltd brings knowledge and experience to the table and, under the proven steerage of the management team, a level of professionalism that is rivalled by few organisations of this size and envied by many that are significantly greater in size and longer established in the market.

PST Energy Limited are able to offer our customers an independent, tailored range of services across the international energy industry including:

Sales of Drilling Equipment, Downhole Tools and Handling Equipment

Integrated Tool and Equipment Management Services

Inspection of Drilling Tools and Equipment

Secure Storage of Oilfield Equipment

Asset, Stock, Consumable and Inventory Management Processes

Repair & Refurbishment of Tools & Equipment

Further to the above, the PST Energy Ltd is able to afford our clients, through our network of approved vendors and partner organisations:

Machine Shop Services Including API and OEM Licensed Manufacture and Repair Services

Innovative Inspection Services and Solutions for the Integrity Support of Topside, Splash Zone and Subsea Assets

Welding and Associated Activities

Supply of OCTG and Accessories

Supply of Line Pipe and Accessories

Machine Tools Sales, Service and Repair

Supply and Servicing of Engineering Workshop Plant and Equipment 

Pressure Testing Services

Surplus and Disposal Pipe, Casing and Tubing Purchase

OCTG Decontamination and Recovery Services

Rig Preparation Services

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